Hassana Abubakar, a facilitator for literacy classes, takes pictures in Rudu Gidan Dikko, Sokoto, Nigeria. © Laura Elizabeth Pohl

Hassana Abubakar, a facilitator for literacy classes, takes pictures in Rudu Gidan Dikko, Sokoto, Nigeria. © Laura Elizabeth Pohl

International NGOs and humanitarian agencies need to hire more local photographers. Representation matters. It always has, but I think that’s become even clearer now as anti-racism rallies, marches and protests around the world draw renewed attention to diversity, equity, inclusion and access issues. Diversifying the photography talent pool benefits everyone. So below are some websites to help people diversify their photography networks across the world.

I know a website listing is not the same as getting a personal recommendation for a photographer, which some organizations prefer. But I also know there are many talented photographers out there who would do a fantastic job for an NGO if only someone would give them a chance. And I know NGOs have the power to make this happen.

African Photography Network is an online resource for African photography.

African Photojournalism Database is a directory of over 400 emerging and professional African news photographers, photojournalists and documentary photographers reporting on cultural, economic, environmental, political and social issues on the continent, as well as sports, nature, and stories of everyday life. 

Diversify Photo was born out of a recognition that calling for more diversity in the photo industry is not enough. To diversify photo, we need to equip Art Buyers, Creative Directors, and Photo Directors with resources to discover photographers of color available for assignments and commissions.

The Everyday Projects uses photography to challenge stereotypes that distort our understanding of the world. We are creating new generations of storytellers and audiences that recognize the need for multiple perspectives in portraying the cultures that define us.

Foto Féminas is a platform dedicated to promoting female Latin American & Caribbean photographers.

Kigali Center for Photography aims to explore and promote Rwandan and foreign photography, support emerging Rwandan artists and explore beyond the medium.

Majority World works with talented photographers from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. It specializes in sourcing high quality images from these diverse continents, which provide unique insights into local cultures, environments and development issues.

Native Agency is a platform highlighting visual storytellers from underrepresented regions — Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.

Women Photograph is an initiative that launched in 2017 to elevate the voices of women and non-binary visual journalists. The private database includes more than 1,000 independent women documentary photographers based in 100+ countries and is available privately to any commissioning editor or organization.

(Disclosure: I have written for The Everyday Projects Re-Picture blog, I’m acquainted with the photographer who started the Kigali Center for Photography and I’m a member of Women Photograph. All organization descriptions came from their websites.)

Do you know of other organizations or websites listing photographers around the world? Please put them in the comments section and I’ll add them to this list.